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8 must-listen podcasts for persons with dementia and care partners

Posted by Rachel Thompson on

The staff here at Marlena Books find ourselves listening to podcasts throughout the workday while driving or exercising. Podcasts are a great way to learn, reflect and relate. We've curated the top 8 podcasts for persons with dementia and caregivers to stay informed, get great tips and relate to others who are living the journey. 

1. Alzheimer's Talks: Alzheimer's Talks is a free teleconference series from UsAgainstAlzheimer's. They interview leaders in Alzheimer's research, treatment, books, caregiving and other topics on progress against this disease. Check out their fun and informative podcasts like, "Can Texting Boost Alzheimer's Knowledge in Diverse Communities?"

2. The Alzheimer's Podcast: The Alzheimer's Podcast is doing the work for you. Host Mike Good has compiled thousands of hours of research and brings his listeners (a mix of family members and healthcare professionals) tips and insights. The Alzheimer's Podcast's goal is to "empower you to maintain a positive experience, reduce and eliminate the need for medications, and make your time together with those you care for, the best it can be.”


3. Caregiving Podcast Network: The Caregiving Podcast network features the voices of those who care. They share stories, perspectives and insights about the Caregiving experience. Host include past and present family caregivers, and cover topics such as placement options for those living with frontotemporal dementia. You won't be able to get through an episode without relating to the story and will leave inspired and with a greater understanding of the dementia journey. 

Caregiving Podcast Network logo


4. Oprah's Super Soul Conversations: Delivering insight and inspiration from top thinkers, authors, visionaries and spiritual leaders to awaken viewers to their best selves and discover a deeper connection to the world around them, Oprah's Super Soul Conversations is hosted by none other than Oprah Winfrey herself. Although not dementia related, the podcast features inspiring and influential guests. The episodes, which are normally a little over 30 minutes will give you a moment for thought, relaxation and respite. 

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations


5. AgeWYZ: Company founder Jana Panarites believes that by sharing positive stories and having frank conversations about aging—a subject often framed in negative terms or ignored altogether—we can draw attention to the capacity of individuals to face life with vigour and shed light on the magnitude of the issues facing our rapidly aging nation. In her weekly podcast, Jana engages with people juggling work, family and personal needs while also caring for family members, friends or relatives in an often hard to navigate healthcare system, with little or no support. She also talks with experts in the field of aging and people using film, theatre and other media to creatively address major health issues, foster dialogue and challenge widespread assumptions about aging. In these unvarnished, lively conversations ideas are sparked, information shared, and stories told—of setbacks, triumphs and remarkable human courage.

Age WYZ Podcast


6. Evolving Past Alzheimer's: The Evolving Past Alzheimer’s podcast is committed to bringing you the highest calibre information about what you can do to identify, prevent, and treat Alzheimer’s disease. The show’s secondary goal is to use Alzheimer’s and cognition as a platform to explore consciousness and the human experience in it’s “second half of life.” Topics include emerging technologies, transhumanism, traditional medicinal approaches, spiritual conversations, and stories of people living with – and through – Alzheimer’s. 

Evolving Past Alzheimer's Podcast

7. WorkLife with Adam Grant: Many care partners juggle family, caregiving and work. WorkLife with Adam Grant is a lighthearted podcast that takes a deep dive into how extraordinary workplaces excel to discover keys to better work. Adam Grant will have you laughing, thinking, and reaching for your pen to jot down helpful tips and strategies you implement into your work-life. 

Worklife with Adam grant podcast


8. Dementia Together: A podcast out of the UK, Dementia Together is uploaded 6 times a year and discusses relevant issues to the Alzheimer's and dementia community. Featuring a mix of helpful tips, stories, and current policy updates in the UK, the podcast is informative and easy to listen to. 

Alzheimer's Society UK Dementia Together Podcast

Did we miss any? Share below your favourite podcasts- we might just start listening at work :) 

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