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Autumn Activities

Posted by Karen Thompson on

As seasons change, there are opportunities to participate in new things! If you're a care partner of someone living with dementia, you might be looking for activities to participate in. We share some activities for you to do to enjoy this beautiful time of year. 

Explore the outdoors

The leaves are changing colours and this is a great time to get outside and go on a short walk. Ensure to dress appropriately and know your limits. Whether it's a walk around the block or down a trail, autumn is a wonderful time to get outside and embrace the nice weather before winter comes!

Complete an autumn-themed craft

Autumn brings a lot of new ideas for crafts! Whether it's carving a pumpkin, making an autumn centrepiece or wreath there are lots of crafts to create. This is a great way to spend time together, stay on task, and feel accomplished once you finish! 

Read a new book

Some autumn days bring dreary, rainy weather. This is a great opportunity to read a new book, whether it's independently or together. Spend the afternoon reading and discussing. We offer many reading guides on our resources page

Try a new recipe

As seasons change, you can try new fall recipes with your loved one. Assign tasks throughout your meal prep, and offer help where needed. You can assign tasks that highlight their strengths. Try to remain positive and encouraging, this will make for a good afternoon and an even better meal. 

Complete a crossword

We offer resources weekly, and crosswords are always a fun activity that are cognitively stimulating. Follow this link for our latest autumn crossword. 

Complete yard work together

The leaves are very beautiful this time of year, but raking them is not as fun! Spend an afternoon prepping your yard for the colder weather. Depending on your loved ones abilities, assign tasks that will make them feel accomplished and feel that they are contributing in a meaningful way. Whether that is piling leaves together, picking up sticks, or pruning the garden, assign tasks that they will enjoy and that they can do. 

Get ready for Halloween

If you are planning on dressing up this year, create costumes together or spend the afternoon dressing up! This is always a fun activity and leads to lots of laughter. 

What are some of your favourite autumn activities? Share with us in the comments below!

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