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Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Rachel Thompson on

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one with dementia can be challenging. We've made it easy by compiling 10 gift recommendations, many which are personally used by my grandmother- so they're tried and tested! Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season. 


Holiday Gift Guide 2018

1. A Twiddle Muff $49.99: Our grandmother has had one of these for years and uses it daily. Twiddle muffs are both comforting, engaging and stimulating for the sense. Get yours here



2. Marlena Books $24.99-$149.99: We're a little bit biased on this one, but Marlena Books make the perfect gift. Our newly launched Subscription Box will send your loved ones a new book every other month for all of 2019. To shop our other books specifically published for individuals living with dementia click here

3. Adaptive Clothing $59.99-$89.99: Our friends at Monarch have developed revolutionary adaptive clothing for individuals who need assistance dressing. Their clothes reduce manual manipulation while dressing, do not cause rubbing or chaffing, and are beautiful and fashionable. Shop their clothing line here

4. A Favourite Treat $3.99: It's always nice to receive your favourite treat to snack on throughout the holidays. Our grandmother always loved these Voortman Cookies, and it's an easy, inexpensive treat to receive or share with friends. 

5. Artwork or a Wall Decal $35.99: Brighten up any room with a beautiful wall decal. We've enjoyed decorating our grandmother's room in her long-term care home with decals. Choose a neutral decal to use all year long, or purchase seasonal decals to switch for holidays or seasons. 

6. New music $11.95- 24.99: Music has transformative powers for individuals living with Alzheimer's and dementia. A new CD, playlist, or music subscription can brighten your loved one's day throughout the entire year. Our grandmother's favourite is the Gaither's Gospel Band. 

7. Plants or Florals $34.99: It has been proven that plants can improve air quality and mood. This year opt for a potted plant over cut flowers so they can be enjoyed all year. Succulents are easy to take care of and require little water; they're a perfect conversation starter too and can be a fun activity to maintain during visits. 

8. Puzzles $18.00: Puzzles are bright, cognitively stimulating and can be done with family and friends. Choose a puzzle based on your loved one's interests, the possibilities are endless! 

9. Personalized Blankets $31.47: This fun blanket can keep your loved one warm while showcasing family or friends. A great memory tool, you can customize your blanket providing your own photo of family, friends, a familiar scenery or pet. 

10. Beautiful Dry Erase Board $41.99: We use a dry erase board in our grandmother's room to showcase souvenirs, track visits, and write encouraging notes. You can add significant dates, or purchase colourful markers to decorate monthly!


These are our favourites for the 2018 holiday season, but we're always looking for suggestions. Comment below your favourite gift to give and we'll share it with the community. Happy Holidays! 

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