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Celebrating Digital Health Week

Posted by Karen Thompson on

This week, November 11-17, is Digital Health Week! The Canadian health care system continues to transform due to technological advances. This means that individuals are now able to access their results, attend appointments easier and virtually, and for doctors to access patient information more efficiently. Today we touch on how making this shift to digital health will offer more opportunities for the health care system as well as for individuals. 

Digital health includes using technology to improve health care and offer more efficient, effective services for individuals. Digital health can be confidently shared amongst healthcare practitioners and clinics. It helps to keep track of an individual's health care and data without the hassle of paperwork. A client's healthcare record can be easily accessed and test results can be viewed much faster, meaning improved care for individuals.

For individuals living with dementia, this might help to transfer this information from memory clinics to their general practitioner as well as monitor cognition over time. As many individuals see a variety of doctors for their dementia diagnosis, it allows practitioners with faster results and an easier look into the individual's file.

While this process is still transforming, some clinics have taken the leap to shift to digital health records to keep track of their files.  

What are your thoughts on digital health? Share with us in the comments below!


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