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Happy International Women's Day

Posted by MarlenaBooks Admin on

Wednesday March 8 is International Women's Day. Here at Marlena Books, women are integral to our operations. Marlena Books is named after two inspirational women, ran by a female founder, supported by incredible female mentors, has a mostly female team, and is encouraged by an extended network of inspiring women. Today, we say thank you; for teaching us, caring for us, raising us, inspiring us, picking us up and letting us grow. Empowered women empower women, and Marlena Books is better for knowing each of you. Check out some of these amazing women below, and leave a comment about who inspires you! 

My grandma, Helena. The strongest woman I had the pleasure of knowing.

My mama, Kathy. <3

My sisters Melanie and Karen. Thank you for inspiring me to do more, better, daily.

My sweet aunts Jo-Anne and Michelle. They keep me humble and keep me laughing.

Two of the best mentors you will ever meet, Karla Boluk and Tania Del Matto. I think every woman needs strong, intelligent female mentors who lead by example.

My Nanny's best friend, Marilyn. She inspires me to love whole-heartedly. Thank you for being a lifelong friend to my Nanny.

Our local girl gang of entrepreneurs here in KW. You push my team and I to do more, faster, while maintaining your morals. And we have a lot fun!

Christa Hasselink, a wonderful mentor and leader who has shown me what powerful women can accomplish.

Eva Wong, a wonderful mentor who is so intelligent and innovative!


Jennifer Carkner, a mentor who inspires me to dream big and think ahead.

Michelle Jackett, a mentor and friend who can help you solve any problem!
Crista Renner, who pushes me outside my comfort zone. I am thankful for that, no matter how hard it is!
My Nanny, Marilyn. Always full of encouraging words right from the start!


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