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National Read a Book Day at St. Luke's Place!

Posted by Rachel Thompson on

On Thursday, September 6th we had the privilege of spending National Read a Book day with the staff and residents at St. Luke's Place in Cambridge, ON. 

 Our day started with a small presentation and intimate book reading to a group of residents and apartment residents in the auditorium. Our very own Karla Kale, who has authored three Marlena Books was present to read The Railroad and The Heart Garden. The residents were engaged, and had plenty of questions for us after! It was fun to hear their feedback and engage with them as they listened to the story. After the reading, we were able to sample the books and had a great time watching individuals read on their own. 

Engaged residents during our first session

St. Luke's Place residents enthusiathically listening to Karla Kale read The Railroad

"I like the way it feels in my hands!"

"I like the way it feels in my hands!"

 After our first session we headed over to the special care unit to read to a  smaller group of residents. Karla was able to stay and read two stories to this group, who were attentive and captivated by the stories. We were thrilled to hear staff remark, "This is the quietest I've heard this group", and "she rarely smiles". It is always exciting to see the power reading can have firsthand, and we were moved by how alert the second group was. Thank you for letting us share our books with you! 

Karla Kale reading to the special care unit

Karla Kale reads the Heart Garden to the special care unit. 

Our final session was back in the auditorium and opened up to the community and stakeholders. We were able to share the Marlena Books story and hold a Q & A before a lively reception with refreshments generously provided by St. Luke's Place. 

Researcher Karen sharing how to get involved with Marlena Books

Marlena Books' researcher Karen Thompson shares how to get involved with Marlena Books.

Smiles from St. Luke's residents!

Residents show off their book!

Thank you for such a wonderful day, St. Luke's Place! We can't wait to celebrate National Read a Book Day with you next year! 

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