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Fun Summer Activities for Persons with Dementia

Posted by Karen Thompson on

Looking for activities to do with your loved one with dementia this summer? Look no further! Today we are sharing some fun, simple activities to do to help you beat the heat! 

1. Gardening

Whether you have a garden in your yard or not, planting flowers can be very therapeutic for persons living with dementia. The touch, smell, and feeling of completing a gardening project all contribute to this. You can plant a small flower pot or ask for their help in the garden. If going outside, be sure to stay safe in the sun and protect yourself from the strong UV rays. 

2. Swimming

Swimming is a great activity for people with dementia. Depending on where they are in their dementia journey, floating with a pool chair is a safe, relaxing way to stay cool. Even putting your feet in the water can be quite refreshing. Practice safety by always keeping an eye on your loved one with dementia while swimming.

3. Bird Watching

Visit a park or your own backyard and spot the different birds. This is a great activity to keep persons with dementia engaged in nature, enjoying the warm summer breeze, and identifying their favourite birds. Attract more birds with bird feeders in your own backyard. 

4. Walking

A simple walk is a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the summer weather. Even a short walk can be very beneficial. Engaging with nature has been found to help improve quality of life and well-being. Ensure to do this during morning or evenings and avoid the hot summer sun. Be sure to stay hydrated before, during, and afterwards! 

5. Listening to Music

If the sun is too hot, listening to music inside is always a fun activity. Dance, sing, and tap your feet to the beat of the music. Music has a variety of benefits for persons with dementia including improved mood, a reduction in behaviours associated with dementia, and acts as a catalyst for individuals to reminisce on past memories. 

6. Creating Artwork

Summer is a great time to capture a scene and paint or draw a beautiful summer scene. Get inspired by creating artwork near a window. This is a calm, easy activity to do and provides a sense of meaning and purpose. 

7. Crafting

Engage in a craft together! Find a fun craft, like making a photo frame, wind chimes, a bird house, or scrapbooking. A craft will keep you busy all afternoon and you'll have a small keepsake for later. Focusing on a task is good for cognitive stimulation as it is an active activity that requires concentration, precision, and encourages creativity.

8. Read a Book

Read a book together, either outside or inside! We might be a little biased but books have many benefits for persons living with dementia, such as an increase in cognitive stimulation, decreased stress, and improved sleep. Find a seat inside or outside and get lost in your favourite book.

9. Enjoy Ice Cream

Grab some cold ice cream cones and enjoy them together. Summer is the perfect time to get outside, have an ice cream cone and spend quality time with your loved one with dementia. This is also a great activity for grandchildren and children to engage in as well, because everybody screams for ice cream!

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