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The Marlena Books Reading Club

Posted by Karen Thompson on

The Marlena Books Reading Club is held every Thursday from 11:00a.m.-12:00p.m. at the Kitchener Public Library - Central Location. We encourage persons living with dementia and their care partners to join us for discussions, reading, and fun activities! 

We've had some dedicated members who want to continue engaging in their community and maintain their cognitive stimulation. We refer to the book club as "exercising our brains" as we engage in discussions and read together. This type of exercise is much more fun than physical exercise! So far, we have had individuals write their own stories and we have read some historical novels, books from the Marlena Books collection, and engaged in various activities together. We chat about stories, plot lines, and what makes books interesting and not so interesting. Sometimes we get carried away chatting about our lives and what we did over the week. We cater our programming to the preferences of our readers involved and want to continue to improve our club to meet each person's needs.

The Marlena Books Reading Club is open to individuals in any stage of their dementia who want to continue reading, engage with others in interesting discussions and just have fun! We are an inclusive group and do not judge others for their diagnosis and we do not focus our discussions specifically on dementia.

Interested in becoming a member? Reach out to karen@marlenabooks.com or call us! We would love for you to join our weekly discussions!

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